SIM Cards

  • 1 SIM card, $0.20 airtime
  • Validity Period for SIM cards is based on recharge 
  • USER Guide and Packaging comes with each SIM card 
  • Old Comium SIM cards do not need to be replaced
  • New NOVAFONE recharge cards work with the Comium SIM cards
  • Comium recharge cards work with new NOVAFONE SIM cards 

SIM Card Services

NOVAFONE SIM card includes the following free services

  • Call Line Identification
  • International access
  • Conference calling (standard voice rates apply)
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Hold 
  • Credit Transfer  

To activate your account 

  • Press the precut area of the SIM card and release the chip, then place chip in your handset
  • Turn on your handset 
  • Press 123 and follow the voice  prompts 


You can protect your account by activating a PIN code on your phone, please consult your handset manual for PIN activation. When the PIN is activated you will be asked to enter the PIN when the phone is turned on. 

  • Entering the PIN code 3 times incorrectly will block your SIM card. To unblock it, please use the PUK code.  
  • Entering the PUK code 10 times incorrectly will completely damage your SIM card. The PUK code is available on the back of your Card.  

To Recharge your Account 

Buy a recharge card from any agent and gently scratch the shaded area to reveal the 13-digit secret code. 

To recharge, choose one of the 2 options below:

  • Option 1. Enter #123*secret code (13-digits) followed by # then press OK.
  • Option 2. Dial 123 and follow the voice prompts 


If you enter the Recharge code incorrectly 9 consecutive times, your account will be completely blocked. In that case, you have to visit a Service Center to re-activate your account 

Notification Alerts

Through SMS

  • After recharging, you will receive a notification SMS with your credit balance 
  • When your credit is low, you will receive a notification SMS reminding you to recharge your account. 

The caller Identification feature allows the display of the calling number on your mobile screen.

Call Waiting/ Call Hold

The Call waiting/hold feature enables you to be notified of an incoming call while your line is busy with another call. You can:

  • Answer the call, reject it or simply ignore it
  • Put the active call on hold and make another one
  • Shift between the two calls, if one is on hold and the other active. 

Call forwarding

The Call forward feature enables you to have incoming calls forwarded to a local number or voicemail.

You can forward of all your incoming calls to a second NOVAFONE number when your phone is switched off or out of coverage. On your phone, you select call divert and choose the option ‘divert when phone is off or out of coverage’. Once activated, all of your voice calls are diverted to a second NOVAFONE number.


The short message Service (SMS) allows you to send local and International messages as well as retrieve useful information in seconds. The message should not exceed 160 characters including punctuation and spacing. 

Call Conference

The Call conference feature enables you to talk simultaneously with up to 5 people. The Multiparty Conference requires the Call waiting/Hold feature. 

With Call Conference, you can initiate a call on your phone and connect up to five other numbers including International into a calling conference.  The service is free, but the standard charges for individual numbers will apply. You can dial a number, when the caller party picks the call, you can place the call on hold and dial the second number and when all the numbers are dialed, you select the option ‘conference’.

Credit transfer

With credit transfer service, you can transfer credit from your mobile phone to any other mobile phone at any time free of charge. Simply dial *122* enter the amount *5 phone number # then OK.

You and the receiver will both receive an SMS confirming the transfer. To send 3 USD to the number 0570384 press *122*3* 5703845#then OK. The amount transferred is deducted from the sender’s main account only after successful transaction. Once credit is sent, it cannot be retrieved by the sender. One has to have at least $1.00 balance to transfer credits and cannot transfer in cents. E.g. 0.50

Useful Codes

To recharge your account

Enter #123* recharge code followed by # then press OK or dial 123 and follow the voice prompts

To check your account balance

Enter #124# then press OK

To query your phone number

Dial #125# then press OK

Customer Care

Dial 111