APN Settings

Below is a complete walk through of setting up the APN on different brands of phones.

Note that in all the APN fields, the following APN must be entered: internet.novafone.com.lr

Black Berry BOLD 9900 4G

In the APN field type: internet.novafone.com.lr

Black Berry Torch 9800


In the APN filed type internet.novafone.com.lr


Click on options/ add new APN

Enter a name for the APN, and in the APN field, type: internet.novafone.com.lr

Samsung Galaxy S

If it’s the first time you use NOVAFONE internet, click on options/ new APN/ type: internet.novafone.com.lr in the APN field

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Note: If you bought your phone from Telecom we recommend following Reset APN Settings Back to Default. Please ensure that mobile data is enabled, see Enable or Disable 3G Data Connection for more information.

1.Tap the Apps icon

2.Tap Settings

3.Tap More Settings

4.Tap Mobile Networks

5.Enable Mobile Data

6.Tap Access Point Names

7.Click on options 

8.Choose add new APN

9.Type:  internet.novafone.com.lr 

10.Ensure APN is set to internet.novafone.com.lr

11.Press the Home key to return to the home screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Tap the Applications icon

1.Tap Settings

2.Tap More Settings

3.Tap Mobile Networks

4.Tap Access Point Names

5.Tap TelecomDefault

6.When using NOVAFONE internet for the first time, click on options and choose add new APN

7.Ensure APN is set to internet.novafone.com.lr

Tap the Home key to return to the home screen


1.Click on the button to view all APPS at the bottom-left

2.Find and click settings on All Apps page

3.Find and click wireless & networks

4.Make sure Mobile Networks is ticked and then click Mobile Networks

5.Click on Access Point Names

6.You might see a blank page now or you may see O2 already listed here. Either way, just click the menu button below your screen.

7.Click New APN

8.Click on Name field and add any name you choose

9.Click on APN field and enter internet.novafone.com.lr

10.When done click the Menu button below the screen and then save

11.On the next screen make sure the APN name you entered is selected (Green mark next to it)

12.If the settings have worked, a letter should appear at the top of your phone (H or G depending on your coverage)

Nokia C6

Click on options/ add new APN

APN settings for Nokia:

This setting enables NOVAFONE customer to enjoy full access to internet browsing on his/ her phone. To enjoy this service the user’s phone must be 3G compatible. The user now can follow all relevant procedures to set the APN settings on his phone. 

How to enjoy this service?

1.Nokia phones

a.Go to main menu and press settings

a.Press connectivity an automatic menu opens with options:        

Note:  Here settings varies on phone here you have, Mobile data, packet data and cellular than Click on any of these that best suits your mobile

2.Settings for Mobile data:  Nokia 205 and Nokia 301

a.A menu opens there you have, Mobile Data Connection & Mobile Data Settings Click on Access point or mobile settings

b.Click on edit access point and type internet.novafone.com.lr 

c.Click on active access point enter any name.

3.Settings for packet data: Nokia Asha 300




d.Click on packet data 

e.Press packet data settings and edit access point name  type: internet.novafone.com.lr

f.Click on active access point enter any name and turn on packet data connection.

4.Settings for Cellular: Nokia Lumia 520





e.Go to edit APN and type, internet.novafone.com.lr in the APN field

f.Go to user name and type: any name & save and turn on data connection.

NOTE: For a successful connection, always click on data connection to TURN ON internet.

•To switch internet off phones Click on data Connection and Switch Off.