Register Your SIM Cards Now !

At NOVAFONE we are always looking at new ways to optimize our service while providing benefits for you our valued subscribers.

Our SIM card registration process has been going on. We want all subscribers to be aware of the registration process and let you know that by registering your SIM cards, We will be able to interact and serve you better. 

The benefits of registering your Novafone SIM Cards *****

There are many benefits!!!!!

Secure & protect your phone number

·  You can secure & protect your favorite phone number

Easy to retrieve SIM cards

·  While securing your phone number you will have an easier time retrieving a misplaced SIM card should that be the case.

Subscriber recognition

·  Subscribers who register their SIM  cards with NOVAFONE will easily get recognition for their loyalty to Novafone

Win Prizes

·  As a NOVAFONE SIM holder you will have the opportunity of winning prizes or special rewards

In order to register your SIM cards with NOVAFONE we will need a few things from you.

We would like to have the following information about you:

·  full name

·  Home Address

·  place of work

·  date of birth

·  E-mail

·  phone number

·  A photo

·  Alternative phone number

Visit our service centers and register your SIM cards