Value Added Services

I. Friends and Family

(for prepaid customers only)

  i.  Description

Once again, NOVAFONE brings a wondrously new service to its customers with Friends and Family! Friends and Family allows you to talk with your friends and family members at reduced rates.

  ii.  Restrictions and Limitations

You can add up to 10 friends or family numbers to your group for free

  iii.  Usage

To get started with this service, all a subscriber needs to do is to dial #890*4# or call 890 and follow the voice prompts to activate the service.

Once registered for Friends and Family. Dial 890 again then follow the voice prompts to add friends and family numbers to the group. Or dial #890*1*<friend’s phone number>#

You can modify a number by dialing the code 890 and following the voice prompts or, simply dial #890*2*OldNumber*NewNumber#

The service will be automatically renewed every month. If you no longer want the service dial 890 and follow the voice prompts to deactivate it.

  iv.  Subscription Fee

Friends and Family service has a subscription fee of $1.00 per month.

  v.  Extra Fees

·  The rate to talk with a NOVAFONE friend and family number is 5 cents per minute.

·  The fee to change one of your group members is $1.00.

·  Querying Friends and Family numbers is free.

·  Deleting a Friends and Family numbers is free.