Prepaid Account Services

I. Recharge your account

1. Enter #123* secret code #, then press OK

2. Or dial 123 and follow the voice prompts 

3. Dial 125 and enter the secret code found on the recharge card followed by #, then Press OK

II. Check your balance

1. Enter #124#, your balance will be displayed on your handset

2. Dial 124 you will hear your balance

3. Dial 123 and follow the voice prompts

III. Credit Transfer

i. Description

Credit transfer enables prepaid subscribers to transfer balance from one account to other. Once the transaction completes successfully, the transferred balance is dedicated from one account and added to the other. You will receive a message indicating successfulness or failure of the transfer.

ii. Usage

Press *122*amount to be transferred* number of person you want to transfer credits to #, and then Press OK

Note: Amount should be in US $

iii. Restrictions and Limitations

a.  Maximum credit transfer per transaction: $10.00.

b.  Minimum transfer per transaction: $1.00

c.  Allowed transfers per day: 5

d.  Allowed transfers per month: 20

g.  Daily maximum amount: $50.00

h.  Monthly maximum amount: $200.00

i.  Min balance after transfer: $0.50

 iv. Extra Costs

No extra Costs apply.