Internet Services

NOVANET Overview

  • Market Presence Since 2004
  • Brand New Infrastructure
  • Latest Technology
  • Professional Engineers
  • Aggressive Prices
  • Innovative Services For Corporates
  • Simply The Best

Our Products and Services

  • Very Fast Full Fiber Internet FFI 
  • Corporate Secure Internet ( Firewall )
  • Email, WEB-Hosting, Domain Names
  • Fail-Over-Solution ( Backup ) for Corporates
  • Corporate Inter-Branch Connectivity At High Speed ( DATA, VOIP, CCTV, INTERNET )
  • VPN-IPSEC Solution for International Corporations
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • IP-PBX Telephony with E1 30 Lines Solutions

Full Fiber Internet (FFI)

NOVANET has built a new wireless cloud to

  • Give a very fast full fiber internet service
  • Inter-Connect branches of same company together
  • Give Unlimited Internet Plans at very good prices
  • Change the concept of wireless to fiber

Corporate Secure Internet 

NOVANET corporate internet service for companies who needs to control their employees internet access and protect from hackers, intruders, or viruses.

  • WEB filters
  • SPAM control
  • Antivirus
  • Bandwidth shaping

Web Hosting , Email, Domain Names 

NOVANET new services

  • DOMAIN NAMES .com .net .lr etc…
  • EMAIL plans
  • WEB-Hosting for company website

Backup Solutions

NOVANET new backup service for internet.

  • Our new 4G services can act as backup solution to the other Fixed Wireless Solution
  • If the fixed wireless goes down the mobile internet will continue serving the company internet without the users noticing that there was a cut in the service.

Inter Branch Connection

NOVANET new services is to connect branches together.

  • Very High speed connection between branches
  • Very secure connection for data
  • Very stable connection for Voice
  • Very fast connection for CCTV

VPN – IPSEC Solutions

NOVANET Provides VPN Solutions with IPSEC security for International Companies with mobile users who need to access company files and DATA while traveling.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • NOVANET latest solution for Corporates who need to replicate their DATA on secure servers placed in a secure place.
  • NOVANET server room is TIER2 standard and working on improving it to TIER3

IP Telephony Voice E1

  • NOVANET offers a short code solution 3 or 4 digits with IP Telephony solutions for corporates who need one calling number 
  • ex. 600 with 30 lines behind it

Our Customers

  • UNOPS connected all Liberia Customs Offices with FFI
  • ECO Bank connected all branches, ATMs, & Cash Points
  • ACCESS Bank connected Three Branches with FFI
  • LBDI Bank connected Three Branches & The rest is on the way with FFI
  • IB Bank connected Western Union Branches and FFI to Head Office
  • UT AIR   FFI
  • MAMBA Point Hotel FFI
  • OCEAN View Hotel  FFI
  • Harbel Supermarket two Branches FFI
  • UN Drive Supermarket FFI
  • SSF Construction  FFI
  • ELWA Hospital  FFI
  • FINN Church   FFI
  • Cathedral Catholic School  FFI
  • UNMIL FPU  1, 2, & 3 ,  PEC13  FFI
  • French Embassy  FFI
  • Nigerian Embassy    FFI
  • German Embassy    FFI
  • ETC…